Boozeventures with Lego Trump: Let’s Go to the Horse Stables

Today’s boozeventure with Lego Trump takes us to the horse stables to relax and drink some Blue Testament American Pilsner from Back Pew Brewing.

Back Pew Brewing beer
Lego Trump chooses a craft beer. This time, it’s Back Pew Brewing’s Blue Testament. Next time, Karbach & St. Arnold…
Back Pew Brewing Blue Testament
Arriving at the horse stables with Back Pew Brewing’s Blue Testament six-pack in hand.
Back Pew Brewing and Lego Donald Trump
Lego Trump watches Godiva the horse.
Back Pew Brewing with Lego Donald Trump
Lego Trump stands atop his Back Pew podium to give a speech about this great tasting craft beer.
Back Pew Brewing
Lego Trump reviews Blue Testament’s testament.

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